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We offer the next generation of EPGs

Our EPG solutions are unique because they are built to steer our TV clients’ audiences so that they can easily find and engage with their content, whether they are selecting from on-demand, linear TV or via OTT services

Thanks to our highly skilled teams and dynamic industry-leading technology, we can deliver an accurate and engaging experience to secure the viewer and ensure that they come to love and trust your channel

Global EPGs works with TV platforms around the globe, on every single continent apart from Antarctica (and we’re working on that!)

When it comes to our reach for international EPGs, we are the market leader and we’re familiar with worldwide time zones, cultural sensitivities, alternate character sets, delivery methods, technical specs, deadlines, metadata requirements and all manner of other specifications that are unique per platform

Crucially, we deliver the right EPG data at the right time, in the right format and to the right place!

Global EPGs can enhance your channel’s EPGs in many ways, including:

We attach images to every TV record, which can be different for each programme level: the series level (for example, Keeping Up With The Kardashians), the season level (e.g. Season 2) and then the individual episodes, which might all have their own separate episodic images

The images are stored in our central database and can be exported in different sizes and resolutions according to the demands of each TV platform

Many TV platforms now offer customised apps that allow their subscribers to stream programme content, and to watch previously recorded material on a secondary device such as a smartphone or tablet

There are all manner of considerations for this, from general licensing rights to the specific availability duration of a downloaded programme – and Global EPGs helps broadcasters to navigate their way through this potential minefield, then provides the TV platform with exactly what they need in terms of associated metadata

It’s now mandatory for many TV channels to flag which programmes are subtitled for hearing, which are audio described and which feature on-screen signing. Global EPGs works with broadcasters to ensure that their access service commitments are correctly represented on the EPG

At Global EPGs we believe that Series Linking is an artform all of its own and our advanced technology enables us to create series linking for multiple platforms, no matter how the programmes on a channel are scheduled

We know and abide by all the rules when it comes to title matching, closing chains at the end of a season and not leaving too wide a gap between two linked episodes

Our EPG technology also enables us to create links between movies, episodes and one-off programmes that form part of a season or stunt

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A passion for TV and a dedication to accuracy  

Our EPG solutions combine dynamic content, rich metadata and advanced technology to deliver highly engaging TV experiences for our broadcast client audiences – on a global scale

Whether a TV channel’s audience watches its favourite shows by traditional TV or chooses to stream their content – from live sports to films or from music to news & entertainment – our UK and international teams provide dynamic words and descriptive metadata that is personalised to each channel and localised for each region, providing a tailored solution guaranteed to attract eyeballs and keep channel audiences fixed

Our accuracy levels are second to none

Our editorial standards are industry renowned

Our technical capabilities deliver TV channels’ programming content seamlessly to a multi-platform environment

By creating, curating and delivering this data on our clients’ behalf, Global EPGs ensures that our channel partners are fully represented for all the functionality of the next generation EPG: enhanced search facilities, taste profiling recommendations, smart series linking and so on

Crucial to a channel’s growth and popularity in the ever-competitive TV market is content discovery – whether it’s linear or VOD, OTT or IPTV, viewers need to know what’s on a channel – and that information is entirely driven by the content of the EPG

With Global EPGs, you can rest assured that your channel’s EPGs will be created to fit your target audience perfectly

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